Mytest Malaria Ag Pf

Mytest Malaria Ag Pf
Mytest Malaria Ag Pf
One Step Malaria antigen detection test


This kit is intended for the detection of Malaria infection in human blood sample, indicating diagnosis of P.f HRP-II (Plasmodium falciparum, histidine-rich protein II).


High Sensitivity & Specificity (Specificity is more than 99%).
Can detect as low as 50 parasites/ul.
Clear background.
No reverse migration & cross reactivity.

Package Information

For in ~ vitro diagnostic use only

Store at 2 ~ 40 C

Kit Contents:

Mytest Malaria Ag P.f contains following items to perform the assay:
1. Malaria Ag Pf device individually foil pouch with a desiccant.
2. Assay Buffer Bottle.
3. Sample Applicator.
4. Package Insert.
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