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Who we are.

Biofootprints Healthcare P Ltd, an Indian diagnostic company, is in business from the year 2014 as a Rapid Test kits manufacturer. These rapid test kits fall under In-vitro Diagnostics (IVD) industry and are used in the diagnosis of many diseases like Chikungunya, Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid etc. Our manufacturing unit is based in New Delhi. These tests are based on immuno-chromatography technology also known as lateral flow diagnostics tests or simply Rapid Diagnostics Tests (RDT). These are one step tests which utilize the small volume of the specimen and can be performed with minimal training, have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. The test results are easy to interpret at the end of 5-20 minutes with help of colored lines visible with naked eyes. These tests are well accepted worldwide by the customers and are also approved by FDA and WHO. Our facility is ISO 13485,9001 and GMP certified. Our products are sold under our registered brand name "My test". We currently manufacture more than 50 types of Rapid tests for diagnosing Infectious, Febrile, Gastrointestinal, Respiratory, Cancer and other related sicknesses. We have all the relevant and applicable Licenses and registrations required for manufacturing, trading, exporting and supplying our products to various government and private customers in India and abroad.

Our organization is owned, fueled, managed and propelled by a young and vibrant team, hailing from Indian IVD Industry. We all know, understand and love our work. We want to grow progressively in this sector and wish to develop many new products with technologies in hand and also explore the new ways of making better products in terms of ease of use, accuracy and technological advancements. We have a sound dealer network and a reasonable customer base for our current sales. People make companies, at BHPL we strongly believe in this. The experience and effective output of our team is our key strength. Developing and selling RDT is a well-tested capability of our people and this is a validated fact known to the industry. RDT development and standardization is such a process that requires more than just installing machinery or automation. A man driven know-how and experience are involved in achieving best results out of any new product standardization and validation. BHPL team is very strong in this area.

Healthcare industry is growing at a fast pace, we want to establish our company for catering needs of users all across India and exports products from here. We feel we can contribute towards the society in this way by providing effective and affordable tools for disease diagnosis to everyone. In addition to supplying our products to established and frequently buying happy customers we also have ample experience in supplying products for companies on the OEM basis and in supplying and handling effectively Governments tenders as well.

We differentiate as we can offer a diversified product portfolio, a product range which has been chosen carefully to provide complete diagnostics solution to consumers locally and globally. It offers opportunities for a reliable growth of new businesses, improved products, and loyal customers.

The exceptional quality of our products is a result of forwarding integration approach we follow in the manufacturing process. The raw material for manufacturing of RDTs are identified, processed and validated. Best quality chemicals and components are sourced and validated. Cassettes are selected and designed to enhance product performance and presentation. Optimizations are made in the general assay procedures and protocols to get best results. Standardization of test packaging, packing types and design of the pack which makes our products look good and robust.

Our Vision.

We want to impact positively the healthcare environment by empowering people with right and cost-effective health tools and solutions manufactured by ourselves.

Quality Policy.

We all employee and management of Biofootprints Healthcare Pvt ltd are committed.

To contribute towards healthcare by providing user friendly and affordable products and services.

To understand the needs of our customers and fulfill them by practicing effective Quality Management System.

To strive for excellence with continual improvement on product quality, and interface with new technologies.

To create and maintain a healthy atmosphere at workplace for better growth of individuals.

To comply with regional, national and international applicable regulatory requirements.